Mulch and Flowerbeds


Mulch and Flowerbeds

Flower Beds 

Edging: Retains mulch and soil, creates clean edges for walkways and flowerbeds.Filling/removing: We add quality soil for plant growth and level and remove excess material when needed.Custom planters: We can construct the above ground planter of your choice for flowers and vegetables.Planting: Not sure what you want? We offer suggestions on which plants best suit your needs, area,
and growing conditions.


•All colors of metal, plastic and wood flowerbed edging material.•Soil, organic and natural treatments, and fertilizer. Ability to remove previous or excess material too.•Custom carpentry and building of planters by licensed, insured professionals.•Quality plants from local nurseries and advice from experienced professionals.

Black Dyed Mulch (all varieties of wood available)

Mulch Installation

We make mulching easy. We provide you with recommendations an mulches that best suit your needs and an example book so you can pick the color and variety of your choice. We get you superior rates on mulching material through our contractor’s accounts with local distributors, and our team makes sure the whole process goes smoothly from purchase to delivery direct to your property to the installation and clean up afterwards. Just say the word and your flower beds will be transformed with the mulch of your choice! Falconbridge Property Services is your most comprehensive solution.

Mulch Maintenance

The tendency is to leave mulch alone until the flower beds are almost bare and then do a complete installation again…but a far better solution is to do a “mulch renewal” every 6mo. or so to insure optimal thickness and function of your mulch. This also saves you money in the long run. We include mulch renewal in all our yearly comprehensive property service contracts.

Benefits of Mulch

All natural mulches share the same beneficial properties:•Helps soil retain moisture.•Prevents weed growth.•Visually pleasing

•Prevents soil erosion.

•Adds organic nutrients to soil as it decomposes over time.

Mulch Varieties:
Pros and Cons

Pine Bark Nuggets
: Very nice distinct look and texture, cost affective, can attract insects

Long Pine Needles: Unique color and texture, most cost affective mulch option, long lasting.Hardwood: Rich dark color, most cost affective wood mulch.

: Pleasant slightly reddish brown color, insect resistant, slightly more expensive.

: Insect resistant, fungus resistant, slightly more expensive.Playground Mulches (rubber and certified chips): Soft and free of sharp edges so that soft hands, knees and elbows stay injury free, quite costly but lasts for 10years.

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