Flatwork and Masonry


Flatwork and Masonry: Cleaning and Sealing

Your masonry, whether concrete, cement, brick or stone, is pretty much permanent. However, the affects of environmental and human attack on your masonry don’t have to be!


Green Ice…sounds like a delicious drink, doesn’t it? But…We’re actually talking about your driveway and walkways when they are covered in mold. It isunsightly, and just like a slick algae covered stream bed your driveway and walkways are a fall liabilitywhen wet, if they aren’t kept clean. Our quality concrete/cement pressure washing methods and cleaners easily kill and remove mold and its stains without abuse from overly high pressure. Even tire marks can be removed with organic compounds that safely remove rubber and grease based stains.


Black Attack: In commercial settings that see thousands of pedistrians a day it doesn’t take long for walkways and parking lots to be caked with chewing gum, stains, grease, oil and tire marks. If you take pride in your business and want it to look its best for every first impression, you will be amazed at the result when we are finished. Quality cleaners and methods, and a regard for **EPA drainage regulations, guarantees your business will looks its best and the environment will still be protected, something that is often neglected and today matters more than ever before.

Specialty Masonry Cleaning

Cleaning stone, cleaning brickwork, cleaning new construction, restoring delicate accents, removing graffiti: This is where we really shine! Often just high pressure is used on surfaces like this…which can result in damaged mortar, stripped brick surfaces (shows up as stripes, especially on new construction), and damage to delicate stone. We use a variety of cleaners, safe acid baths (only where appropriate), and lower pressure to restore these surfaces.

Falconbridge Property Services’ Method

Flat work: cleaning driveways, parking areas, and sidewalks:
We use large commercial surface cleaners and high volume pumps to insure the most efficient, cost affective servicing every time. We use the minimum pressure possible, instead using the right equipment and safe cleaners to maximize the cleaning process’ efficiency, preserve the integrity of your surfaces, and return your flat-work areas to a like-new condition.
Masonry of all types takes considerable abuse from the elements even after it is cleaned. That’s why we offer a comprehensive protection program that includes sealants correctly matched to each type of masonry. We also offer latex coatings for garage, warehouse and restaurant floors.
All of our services remain in compliance with EPA drainage regulations and we insure the safety and protection of plants and animals on your property. A company that ignores these important environmental regulations can incur a significant first time fine to the property owner or manager (NOT the contractor, or to the contractor in addition to the property owner or manager) and a minimum $10,000 fine to the property owner/manager for  a second time offense.

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