Weed, Brush and Leaf Removal


weed, brush and leaf removal

The title says it all: we do it so that YOUR back doesn’t have to! The most overrun properties or flowerbeds can be tamed. We take the tedious task of weeding and brush removal off your plate and then use follow up services and the correct anti-weed agents to maintain the beauty of weed-free scenery.

We all love the beauty we’re presented with each autumn as the leaves change colors and nature turns into an especially kaleidoscopic canvas of colors…BUT we also dread the hours of back-breaking work required to remove those leaves once they turn brown and cover our lawns and clog our gutters. Aside from the poor appearance when those leaves are starting to decompose and then get soaked by rain or snow, there is the danger of completely ruining your grass by stifling it under a layer of leaves. Mulch is often used to help prevent weeds from growing, and fallen leaves act like a layer of mulch starving your lawn of what it needs to sustain life and re-grow in the spring.

Falconbridge Property Services not only takes care of this problem for you, we use our tried-and-true techniques and powerful leaf blowers to double our productivity and finish the job far faster than the average homeowner could. This saves you frustration, possibly achy muscles, and gives your cherished lawn the best chance to spring back at the end of winter….all at surprising prices! Don’t let the end of one beautiful season be the death of the next!

Ideas for your property this post-Autumn:

Gutter cleaning: if your gutters are already clogged with leaves from last year, they will only get worse as this year’s leaves fall. Clogged gutters fill with water and debris, getting heavier and heavier, and they allow water to flood the ground directly next to your house’s foundation. Improper drainage in these areas is a major cause of moisture problems in basements and foundations. Let us prevent such problems with a cursory downspout unclogging and gutter cleaning now, followed by a full cleaning after the leaves finish falling.
Leaf clean-up packagesdon’t wait for leaves to be piled 1ft high in your flowerbeds before cleaning them out. To keep your garden beautiful and healthy we offer packages that schedule to have the leaves removed from your property several times instead of just one giant cleaning; for best value have your gutters cleaned simultaneously! It is more cost affective for you, it protects your home, and it keeps your property looking good throughout the fall and winter!