Tree, Hedge and Plant Care


    Is your favorite row of rose bushes out of control? Maybe your plants need a little extra TLC to thrive the way you would like them to? Do you have tree limbs that are dead, unsightly, or hanging over your house creating possible property damage situations or creating moisture that is allowing mildew and algae to grow on your roof? Have you ever wished that your hedges could look as manicured as the ones in your favorite park? Let Falconbridge Property Services transform your property with attentive trimming and pruning services that add that little something to your outdoors that nothing else can replace, not to mention the postive affect on the health of plants and trees! Also check out our mowinglawncare, and general clean up services. Click on Landscaping in the navigation bar to see an overview of all our lawn and landscape maintenance services.

Some pre-spring ideas to start with:

Hedges, bushes and shrubbery: who doesn’t want their landscaping to look neat for the winter? The final pruning of the year should be performed prior to truly cold weather setting in to allow the landscaping that is pruned to retain its strength during the winter months.

Rose bushes: need a light trimming of dead, dying and diseased branches before the middle of October. This allows roses time to “harden” before winter begins.

Trees: a heavy pruning of trees would usually be ill-advised right before winter sets in, but a light shaping adds curb appeal and will still allow your trees to strengthen themselves in preparation for the winter.

For tips on keeping a healthy lawn during the winter and on preparing your lawn NOW so that it will flourish in springtime, please visit our Lawn care and Related Services page