Lawn Mowing, Trimming and Edging

Falconbridge Property Services makes it our goal to offer the best quality grass cutting service possible. From normal weekly cuts to  specialty striping cuts, your servicing will be surperior in quality and attention to the details that matter. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Here at Falconbridge Property Services we view every lawn cut as a chance to leave your property looking better than when we arrived.

Our standard lawn care servicing includes mowing the entire property and string trimming (weedeating) around trees, flowerbeds, posts, fences, walls, etc. All curbs, sidewalks, driveways and the like are edged with a blade edger. Your grass will be clean, crisp and beautifully cut! Our clean up includes blowing away trimmings and debris as well as going the extra mile to keep your property looking its best.

Lawn Cutting Services

Weekly mowing and property maintenance. We pay attention to details, mow straight lines, and clean up debris and leaves. Driveways, parking lots and patios are blow off so that every property looks better than when we arrived!

Bagging: as an option, cuttings are bagged while we cut your lawn. This is most appropriate when the grass has gotten exceptionally long and we are hired to get a property back into shape.
Striping: an attachment to our mowers lets us cut your grass so that you get those ball field style light and dark stripes. Choose this option for an exclusive look or to add a little extra beauty before a wedding or event on your property. Please note that striping requires a lush healthy lawn for the strips to be effective. Check out our Lawn Fertilization, Pest and Weed Control page.
Pet clean up: sometimes it is hard to follow your dog around and clean up all his messes…so, we can do that for you each week when we cut your grass!

A Cut Above

Have you ever had a lawn company tear through your property with little care for whether or not your grass or favorite flowers survived or if there were grass stains covering your driveway? Perhaps you have had a lawn fertilization and weed control service that has disappointed you with poor results? Problems like these are easily avoided by a company that is willing to spend just a few extra minutes getting things done right, the first time. We instill this attitude in each of our technicians, and we are confident you will see the difference!