Roof Cleaning: The Ultimate in Curb Appeal Improvement

Roof cleaning is one of the most important curb appeal services we offer. When a host’s house, real estate property or a business is viewed by visitors, potential buyers and clients the roof is one of the most obvious architectural elements on the property. Yet, it is often the quickest to start looking bad and the last to get restored. Falconbridge Property Services is here to change that with our roof cleaning and roof stain prevention services!

Roof Cleaning, Roof Stain Prevention, Service Warranty!

What is staining my roof, and how is it removed?: Have you ever wondered what causes those stark discolored or black streaks to appear on asphalt shingle roofs? In short, it is an airborne  cynobacteria, scientifically named Gloeocapsa Magma, feeding on your shingles. This growth is often called a green-black algae and its growth patterns reflect those of many molds, mildews and algae. Only specialty no-pressure and very low-pressure cleaning can effectively remove and kill Gloeocapsa Magma while preserving the integrity of your asphalt shingles. Many other roof surfaces like barrel tiles and slate can also be cleaned with our specialty methods.
-If not removed, the dark discoloration caused by Gloeocapsa Magma can significantly affect the heat build up in attics and upper levels of a house. This can over-tax A/C units not designed to handle the greater work load, and can ultimately raise your A/C bill during hot summers.

Roof Cleaning Method:
Many times it is believed that a pressure washer should be used to clean a roof, but when it comes to asphalt shingle roof cleaning this is a HUGE fallacy. To use anything more than 100-psi (barely above garden hose pressure) to clean an asphalt shingle roof can strip YEARS off its lifespan, AND it can void the 20+ year manufacturer’s warranty most roofs come with! Falconbridge Property Services’ roof cleaning service gives you the cleanest roof possible while guaranteeing its protection.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”: 
Roof Stain Prevention
We believe this holds especially true when it comes to roof cleaning. Many outdoor surfaces are not appropriate for applications that prevent the growth of mold, mildew, algae or bacteria, but roofing materials are some of the best candidates for preventative applications! The products we use are safe for your roof, plants and pets and use a very simple, natural occurrence to prevent the initial growth of gloeocapsa magma and other organic growths. When used following cleaning this preventative application GUARANTEES that your roof will remain clean!

So, a brief explanation of the process: if you look at a stained roof you will often see that the roofing material is still perfectly clean and new looking directly under dormers, stove pipes, weather-vanes and the like. This happens because each time it rains minute traces of the metal that make up the flashing, coatings and outsides of these items washes off and coats the roof. Even these small amounts 100% prohibit the growth of  gloeocapsa magma, mold, mildew, moss and the like. The preventative spray we use contains a safe-to-use sulfate that mimics this effect!

Preventative sprays cost significantly less than full cleanings so you get a cost savings, and ongoing maintenance keeps your roof looking new for its entire lifetime! 

Roof Cleaning Warranty

Service Warranty: We offer a one year warranty on all our roof cleaning services! HOWEVER, many clients can expect their roof to remain clean for 2-4yrs, depending  on the condition of surrounding roofs (gloeocapsa magma is airborne so talk to your neighbors about all getting your roofs cleaned and then treated together: not only will it help you all enhance your curb appeal but you get a great discount for doing the neighbor’s special!). Lack of direct sunlight and directly overhanging tree branches are also contributing factors to how long your roof will remain clean without any preventative applications.

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