Oil Stain Removal


Oil stains seem like they are impossible to avoid, and even more impossible to clean up, but Falconbridge Property Services’ oil stain removal service is the cure! We use a micro-organism filled organic compound to clean up oil stains, brake fluid leaks, hydraulic fluid leaks and other petroleum based stains. The compound we use actually “eats” the stain out of the surface it is on. Traditional high-pressure washing is not a good solution for petroleum based stains since it can cause damage at worst and at best leave the area looking different than everything surrounding it. Pressure washing should be a PART of the oil stain removal process, but not the backbone of it.

The compound we use is environmentally safe and can be used to treat automotive stains that stretch for 100s of yards or even miles. Our mobile washing units allow us to properly clean and rinse following application of the compound.

It should be noted that the newer a stain is when we treat it the more affective the stain removal will be. We get pretty amazing results from our oil stain removal process but we still recommend that we are notified immediately so we can schedule your servicing as soon as possible.