Low Pressure Washing: House and Building Washing

Low Pressure Washing: House Washing and Building Washing in Charleston, SC and Charlotte, NC

Learn About Our Method

        The correct method for pressure washing houses or buildings requires the use of commercial pumps that put out a  high volume of water at a low pressure (rarely over 1000psi and usually well under 500psi) combined with commercial grade cleaners and moldicides that break up and remove soiling agents and kill mold, mildew and algae. Surfactants, rinse aids, and wet waxes leave the surface clean and bright and keep it that way! This cleaning method is the safest and most effective  cleaning method in the industry.
All of our proprietary cleaners are pet, child, plant and environment friendly. Our residential and commercial pressure washing services remain 100% in compliance with EPA water drainage regulations and we guarantee the safety of your plants.           

         The professional equipment and high quality cleaners we use insure that you get the maximum level of service for your money. Have you had a bad experience with pressure washing in the past? Try Falconbridge Property Services’ house and building washing service to experience the benefits of a professional pressure cleaning!

For FAQs or info on common misconceptions about house washing or pressure washing in general visit our 
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The Attack on Your Property:
The elements, pollution and insects are attacking your home or building from the day it is built….and they can destroy more than just curb appeal! 
The climates in Charlotte, North Carolina and Charleston, South Carolina are humid and the summers are long. This is a perfect environment for the growth of mold and mildew and for insect activity. Growing cities only add to the problem with pollution soiling. Skillfully performed low pressure washing is the best solution.
Pollution and insects: the dirt glue
Leave everything looking dingy and will only get worse with time.
Are “sticky” and all types of soiling will adhere to any surface more easily. 
Excessive spider webs and insect nests decrease the curb appeal of your property.
Staining: elemental and mineral
Includes stains from red clay, efflorescence from brickwork, rust stains, aluminum oxidation and acid rain (the blackening and streaks on gutters) 

Cannot really be prevented. Tends to spread and worsen unless treated.
Mold and growths: more than just ugly?
These break down the coloring in siding, dryvit and stucco; and the lifespan of even the best quality house paints and deck stains can be drastically reduced by the damaging growth of mold, mildew and other growths
The myotoxins produced by mold are responsible for the allergic and asthmatic reactions of many individuals.
Mold spores can get into your home or business through something as innocent as open doors and windows.

Your Solution in two easy steps:

#1: Get your property evaluated for free.
Falconbridge Property Services is the company with the know-how to give you the best in pressure washing services. We have the expertise needed and the certification and insurance to back it up. Get an evaluation within 24 hours!

#2: Choose your service plan.
Pick from three levels of quality service to meet your curb appeal goal.


Level 1: Your house or commercial structure is shampooed with environment-friendly cleaners and moldicides that stop mold, mildew and algae in their tracks and wash away dirt. Our low pressure washing rinse is performed to finish the job and the rinse treatment we include with every job gives a spot-free finish. Your curb appeal is restored and mold is banished.

Level 2: This is the next step up and adds specialized cleaning services and adds a level of protection. Gutters are manually whitened to completely remove the blackish gray streaks that mar them (see our Aluminum Cleaning page for details)…your gutters will look like they were newly painted! Mineral stains like red clay stains, rust and efflorescence are removed with specialty cleaners. A popular add-on is masonry sealing for brick and concrete surfaces and our polymer wax for  painted or vinyl and aluminum siding; these refresh the color and life of your property and add a barrier against dirt and mold regrowth.

Level 3: This is our most comprehensive plan, the one that satisfies even the most demanding curb appeal situations. Mold, dirt, and every form of removable stain are washed away. Add-on options include: gutter and downspout cleaning and unclogging, walkway and driveway cleaning and sealing, outdoor furniture cleaning, awning and signage cleaning (using a safe non-bleaching cleaner that kills mold but doesn’t harm colored cloth), and pool cleaning. Additionally a specialty application that prevents the growth of mold in the future is available.