Graffiti Removal


    Graffiti Removal: Unwanted graffiti tagging is not only unsightly, it depreciates the value and curb appeal of your business, signage or even home. When clients or passerbys see your property they immediately begin forming a highly important first impression. Our services insure that your property’s image is not marred by ugly graffiti tagging.

    Graffiti removal is a science that is quickly changing. Sandblasting, soda-blasting, sanding, and the like are outdated methods that almost always leave behind “shadows” of the graffiti where the remediation service has impacted the substrate and left behind an outline of the graffiti. Who wants that? Your graffiti is gone, and instead you have a permanent etching of it on your wall! Painting is a viable method but requires repainting the entire area to match. Our commercial de-bonding agents break the bond between graffiti paint and the surfaces beneath without causing damage or leaving even the slightest mark or shadow on the surface below. The low-pressure washing that follows completely removes the graffiti, leaving your surfaces clean!

In many cities, properties are required by law to remove graffiti within a specified period of time. We help you keep your property free of graffiti and in compliance with regulations.