Pressure Washing


An overview: Pressure washing facilitates and is a part of many cleaning and restoration projects.

– Pressure washing services include both low and high pressure applications and cold and hot water depending on the job requirements and the type of service.

– Use of specialty cleaners, EPA compliant wash water reclaim, and specialty stain removal are all a part of the professional’s repertoire.

– Professional pressure washing equipment and specialty cleaners will ALWAYS be more effective at cleaning your property.

– Inexperienced or ignorant contractors will use their pressure washer as a high-pressure water blasting tool with absolutely no understanding of how it will effect the surface being cleaned or restored and can cause significant damage.

– With a proper understanding of what can be cleaned with pressure washing  and how it should be done, Falconbridge Property Services provides quality exterior cleaning and restoration services. We are certified by a nationally recognized organization and are proud to guarantee our work.

Pressure Washing Services:

Low pressure house and building washing
Driveway, sidewalk, and masonry pressure washing
Wood restoration for decks, fences and siding (super-low pressure washing is used for just the rinsing process);
Non-pressure roof cleaning
Gutter Whitening (is more effective than simply re-painting them and costs significantly less!)
• Residential and commercial services offered in all categories.
• Commercially insured

Additional Services:
Browse through our Exterior Cleaning and Restoration category to see our full compliment of services. If you have any questions about when a pressure washer should be used or how we use pressure washers as a part of our restoration projects, contact us and we would be happy to answer your questions and tell you how we would go about meeting YOUR pressure washing needs in Charlotte, NC and Charleston, SC.

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