Exterior Cleaning & Restoration


Like the pieces of a puzzle, exterior cleaning and restoration fit together to complete the picture. Some portions of your property can be cleaned to great affect without the need for any restoration work. Other areas such as wood decks, painted surfaces, wood rot, damaged mortar, etc. need to be cleaned as a part of the restoration process to prevent something like mold and mildew from causing more damage after repairs are made. Look below for details on the services which best suit your needs.

We offer an unusually wide variety of services, but each is related to our other services and meshes well to create a property care service that covers almost every property maintenance and restoration need you will have! We only offer services that one of our team members has experience and skill with, and wherever applicable we make efforts to obtain nationally recognized certifications in that particular field to insure that you, our client, are offered the best in quality and value.

Contact us now to speak with a team member that can answer your questions and get you on the right track to your best looking property ever!

Pressure Washing


Pressure washing facilitates and is a part of many cleaning and restoration projects. Pressure washing services include both low and high pressure applications and cold and hot water depending on the job requirements and the type of service. Use of specialty cleaners, EPA compliant wash water reclaim, and specialty stain removal are all a part of the professional’s repertoire.  more info on pressure washing services in Charlotte, NC and Charleston, SC

House and Building Washing: Superior low pressure washing system


House and building washing is a necessary part of every property’s maintenance plan. The proven low pressure washing system we use safely removes and kills mold and growths and removes soiling and the affects of weathering by using landscape safe specialty cleaners to do the heavy lifting and then using low pressure water to rinse away the dirt. Your house, storefront, or apartment buildings will gleam!   more info on low pressure house washing and building washing in Charlotte, NC and Charleston, SC

Roof Cleaning: Stain Removal and Prevention


Deck and Wood Restoration: Cleaning, Staining, Sealing, Preserving


Masonry Cleaning and Sealing: Concrete, Cement, Brick, Stone


Gutter Cleaning


Window Cleaning


Graffiti Removal


Oil Stain Removal: HOA, Residential, Commercial


Aluminum Cleaning: Gutter Whitening and Box Trailer Cleaning


Fleet Washing: Commercial Machinery and Vehicles


exterior cleaning & restoration